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Suncoast Enclosures
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Company Description:

Suncoast Enclosures is a Canadian company that specialises in custom designed and built screen and three season enclosures, motorised louver roof systems and motorised retractable screen and vinyl panels. Suncoast has provided Better Outdoor Living to Canadians since 1991. All of our enclosures are designed to withstand Canadian snow loads.

Options will vary to suit individual needs. We design each enclosure exclusively to compliment your home and landscaping so that it will be a beautiful addition. We will give you an accurate and firm price to the penny.

The frame is fabricated from maintenance-free, powder coated aluminum. All the aluminum extrusions are manufactured exclusively for us and incorporate a patented system that locks the screening in. This prevents it from being pushed out or becoming saggy over time. The covering can be made of fibreglass mesh or polycarbonate plastic, which we import because it’s 80% stronger than local products.

There is no cleaning of glass, no breakage, no plastic surface scouring or color fading of material.

The other major component is know-how. It requires proper procedure and knowledge to assemble these materials into the finished product. This is where we excel, having more experience in this field than anyone else in Canada

Our larger beams allow us to freespan up to 7 meters so most areas can be accommodated.

Show Specials:

If you enter into a contract as a result of providing us contact information at this show, we will reduce provide you with a 5% discount on the contract price (before taxes).

New Products

We have been concentrating on supply our clients with an ever-improving product, refining the products to better suit demand and client requirements. We have added Infratech IR heaters and lighting systems to our enclosures as options. We have recent

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